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  • Aliens: The Board Game Aliens: The Board Game 25097 plays This dark round based Alien fighting game is a very tactical one! Move your team and to command them to fire at those evil alien hordes.
  • Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure 17028 plays Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

    Get Fluffy to the door at the other side of the kitchen to win: click the die to move, and complete mini-games along the way!

    Tip: If you get stuck on a mini-game, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right corner.
  • 7 Days On Mars 7 Days On Mars 16998 plays Your mission is to withstand seven days until spaceship arrives.
  • Ben 10 Alien Force The City Fall Down Ben 10 Alien Force The City Fall Down 16236 plays Heatblast and XLR8 Hit and run! let control heatblast run out of keos city and win the best scores!
  • Alien Paratroopers Alien Paratroopers 15233 plays This week's game is an old school arcade game (Wait! It's fun I swear!) styled after missile command. Alien Paratroopers is really one of the most fun and replayable "defense" games of its type and has some serious retro attitude going on. In this mode you proceed through waves of aliens utilizing a variety of weapons to save mankind from alien attack.
  • Alien Love Dress Up Alien Love Dress Up 15089 plays The Alien Love Dress Up game is your ticket to Pandora, where you'll be stunned to discover some really awesome, super hots outfits for the two love birds staring in “Avatars. You could dress up exotic Neytiri here with hot, chic bra tops and super cute leaf made or nicely patterned bottoms, then get her a super stylish hairstyle and a superb eye color that would be best highlighted by a gorgeous skin color. How about her date, Jake? Continue the alien love dress up game with the makeover of our hero hottie here!
  • Twin Hobo Rocket Twin Hobo Rocket 15040 plays   help two guys control the rocket in space avoiding asteroids many changes?
  • Alien Shots 3 Alien Shots 3 13347 plays Spot out all the Small Cute Aliens, who are posing in the sky and take a snap of them.
  • Dark Base III Dark Base III 13137 plays The next installment of the Darkbase series.
  • Alien Invasion 2 Alien Invasion 2 13045 plays Another version of the game alien invasion!
  • Ben10 Alien Jumper Ben10 Alien Jumper 12883 plays Left click to perform your first jump Mouve your mouse to move your character jump from alient cycle to alient cycle and try to set as high as you can!
  • Alien Thief Alien Thief 12849 plays The night has come. You and your alien friends came to earth and need to do some tests. Fly through each level collecting stars, avoiding bombs and abducting all the cows.
  • Ben 10 The Master Of Flame Ben 10 The Master Of Flame 12721 plays City is destroyed by the killer fly! quickly... Kill them all to save our city! Only Heatblast can save us with his flame!
  • UFO Racing UFO Racing 12568 plays Intergalactic association "UFO Racing" hold an championship. You've got a chance to send a challenge to the best racers across the universe and try to win first prize. Take a dare and win!
  • After Years In Dark Tunnels After Years In Dark Tunnels 12384 plays Your spaceship has crash-landed on an alien world, and your crew is missing. Can you find your crew and escape? Will you?
  • Chocolaty Alien The Doll Snatcher Chocolaty Alien The Doll Snatcher 12067 plays Children love to have chocolate at any point of time. But this girl never thought that chocolate would turn into an alien and snatch her dolls. Aid her to get back her dolls by defeating the chocolaty aliens.
  • Ben 10 Air Strikes Ben 10 Air Strikes 12057 plays Ben 10 strikes in the Alien world. Ben10 invades the Aliens in space and strikes to destroy the Alien station. Your mission is to damage all the aircrafts coming in your way.
  • Alien Rover Alien Rover 11871 plays Alien Rover is a skill game. Drive your space rover on multiple planets to collect the alien DNA. You earn cash to buy better body, wheels and boosters.
  • Alien Showdown Alien Showdown 11870 plays Destroy the nest to go to next level and stay alive.
  • Ben 10 Alien Card Ben 10 Alien Card 11726 plays Play Ben 10 Alien Ultimate Games with Ben 10 Alien Card.Find the right card and make the bonus.
  • Agent Cool Agent Cool 11619 plays Fight off the alien invasion as Agent Cool.
  • Aliens Busted Aliens Busted 11522 plays Help the agent Scully to capture all the aliens. Run at full speed by the highway with your vehicle and destroy their cars.
  • Ben 10 - Alien Force Cards Ben 10 - Alien Force Cards 11484 plays Many alien monsters walk about the earth.Use your skill to help Ben 10 defeat all monsters.Get to find all pairs of identical cards before time runs out.
  • Ben10 at the Colosseum Ben10 at the Colosseum 11440 plays Ben 10 adventured to the Roman arena, where he received a challenge of Psyphon. Your mission is to help Ben 10 win all the rounds to get rid of this arena. After completion of each match, you go to Gsaw's store to purchase a most suitable weapon
  • Abduction Abduction 11339 plays Upgrade your ship & abduct cows and rednecks into your UFO and grind them up for alien profit.
  • Double Life Double Life 11307 plays As a result of space storm the 11th landing group of “Ares” lost a communication with each other. Captain Cyrus Prime's landing module was separated from the group and had to crash-land in a sector Gideon-9 next to the miner's colony and contact with the 11th group. But the colony was abandoned and populated by other form of life.
  • Back to Alien Party Back to Alien Party 11216 plays Why people that were kidnapped by aliens do not remember anything? Is it because aliens throw crazy parties? What should an alien do if he was forgotten on Earth in the full swing of the party? Help the alien return to the alien party using all the means possible in order to overcome the Earth's attraction.
  • Alien Abduction Alien Abduction 10667 plays Proceed to planet earth and abduct as many life forms as possible.

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